.Net developer Savitski Nikolai (23 лет)



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Опыт Работы

  • ASP.NET developer

    01.01.2024 - по настоящее время

    Full cycle developing web application on ASP.NET Core for task management. Development registragion and login forms, create and work with database and SQL requests. Using and working with Open API(Swagger), ASP,NET Web API, Entity Framework, Linq, using package management system NuGet. Testing tools: NUnit, XUniit, Sonar.

  • .Net разработчик


    Develop C# desktop application. Implementation new features. Testing apps with xUnit & Sonar. Perfomance tests. Bugs fixing.Using JetBrains Rider, Git, debugging и il viewer.

  • C# Developer

    07.01.2023 - 03.07.2023

    Gain deep knowledge of C# & OOP and practical experience of development desktop app using LINQ, ASP.NET, Entity framework, wpf and etc. Worked in VS with arrays and methods, develop programs,, commpleting task from menthor. Developed games such as games for example darts and sea battle, work with structurs and OOP.

  • QA Engineer

    08.07.2021 - 05.01.2022

    Security testing courses. Gained extensive knowledge of Linux fundamentals. Writing a high-quality Bug reports, JQL requests, maintain bug's life cycle via Jira. Testing database ( SQL injection), application qiality and functionality, resourse access, api security. Analyzing code and indentifying weak points.Manual testing mobile, desktop application and web-application. Testing web and desktop applications. Work with Jira (bug reporting, JQL requests, bug’s life cycle). Writing a quality report. Creation of test documentation. Test analysis, test process planning.


О себе

I am a .NET Developer with expertise in .NET, .NET Framework, ASP.NET (MVC, Web), XUnit, Sonar, UnitTest, HTML5, CSS, JS, GIT (GitHub, GitLab), SQL, and Unity.
I possess excellent analytical and soft skills, work well in a team environment, and am persistent in achieving project goals. I am also adept at communication and easily able to build rapport with others.

https://t.me/kolyasav00 - telegram
https://github.com/kolyasav00 - GitHub
https://www.linkedin.com/in/nikolai-savitski/ - linkedin

https://www.linkedin.com/in/nikolai-savitski/overlay/1706094858228/single-media-viewer/?profileId=ACoAADMzdQAB3EbGLN9EXOpTMWraYJ1d0ZtoRHE - my CV