Junior QA Engineer Егор Александрович Каленник (23 лет)



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Опыт Работы

  • Software Testing Engineer

    01.09.2020 - 01.12.2020

    Course: Functional Testing of Software Description: Learning of theory and practice of functional/nonfunctional testing. Creating of test documentation such as check-lists, test cases, test-suites, bug reports, TRR; web application testing, mobile testing (theory), basics of databases. Software development process such as Waterfall model, Iteration/RUP, Agile software development/SCRUM. Learning of the main types and methods of testing.


О себе

My qualities such as sociability, friendliness, sense of humor and charisma make me a good team player. A developed critical mindset and analytical approach help me to look at the situation from all sides.